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What Is The Wechat Application And How It Helps In Marketing?

It is necessary for every business in the world, to take the services of different platforms to do the marketing of their brand. Wechat is an application anyone can use for the marketing of their brand. Wechat marketing services was developed in china five years ago to do the marketing and promoting of different brands. Almost all the people of China are familiar with this application, but the people living outside China are not aware of this application. You can send voice messages and textual messages in this app, now more than 700 million active users are using this application. Some features of this application are as follow

  • Chat with friends or family
  • Withdraw and transfer money
  • Top up Mobile balance
  • Order a chauffeur service
  • Online booking of buses or train tickets
  • Booking of tickets in cinemas

Marketing through Wechat

There is an option for the users of this application that they can make pages for doing advertisements. Wechat advertisement facility helps a lot to the different businesses to enhance the sale of their products or services. These pages are like the Facebook pages that we use to promote our business In short, you can promote your business by telling the people about your business with the help of these pages, it is the simple ways with the help of which we can promote our business. If you are interested about sell on wechat you can visit this site

WeChat provides the facility to the people to run ads on the accounts of different users. You can avail the WeChat video services for the promotion of your business. You can create groups to do marketing of any business. These are things that make this application a very unique application to perform different tasks. It is a very user-friendly application; its interface is very good. There are many customizable themes that are available for the use of different users.

Types of account on WeChat

There are three different types of accounts in WeChat; the purpose of all of these accounts is different. The name of all of these accounts is services, subscription and Enterprise account. Enterprise account is for the use of different companies for the management of internal affairs of the organization. Services account is same as of Facebook account, you can send and receive friend requests to and from different people that are using this type of account. Subscription account is a little bit different account as you can send a push up notice, the limit of notification is one per day. You can send only one notification per day. Everyone can easily create an account in this application after installing this application into the mobile phone. It is a very efficient application anyone can use it according to their requirement.